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Why can I only sign in with Apple or Google?



  • Kian losh

    I can sing in on this website but unable to sing in on the app. Plz help

  • Breadoggo

    To sign up i need gms on my phone which is something i dont have, pls add nore ways to sign in, like facebook or something

  • tb

    Hi, I was a beta tester, and my phone, which had an older version of byte on it, died. How can I sign into my existing account? I didn’t use a Google or Apple e-mail address to create the account. Thanks.

  • sanjana

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  • Maria Lena

    Confiding in the entirety of your login data to a solitary organization doesn't feel like the best thought, however it has upsides. Enormous companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google have huge groups devoted to security, something littler locales regularly don't have.  law assignment writing service UK

  • Johnny Expert

    Well, I think it's completely up to you to choose from Google or Apple, but verification is must to secure your downloads. It's not in favour of developers but you will be benefited instead. Either way, you can go with UK cheap assignment service to avoid these registrations.


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